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One solution - unlimited possibilities

Card payments have never been so convenient - one system to serve in-store and online payments.

Card readers for all businesses in Europe

Grow your business without monthly rental, service or support fees.


199.00 EUR 249.00 EUR
(without VAT)

Powerful. Stylish. Quick. Everything you need for a unique shopping experience.




GO 2

29.00 EUR 39.00 EUR
(without VAT)

Portable card reader 


139.00 EUR 189.00 EUR
(without VAT)

Mobile scanner and loading and receipt printing station in one

Get money into your account in seconds

Account opening 100% online. VISA cards. Free connection in Europe.

Collect funds from all your sales channels in one multi-currency account with IBAN, 24/7 instant access to funds with our Business card and enjoy fast incoming and outgoing transfers.

Accept payments in your online store

Easy integration without programming knowledge.

Grow your business with online shopping and accept cash payments. Instant crediting of funds, easy integration, convenient user interface and monitoring of payments with a mobile app.

Money in your account instantly

Accept card payments and get money into your account in 3 seconds

Accept payments across Europe

Travel throughout the European Union and associated member countries and accept payments wherever your business needs them

Mobile app for business

A powerful mobile app for business management. Payments in the palm of your hand. Domestic and international transfers. Management of card readers.

VISA cards for business

Accepted payment hit the account instantly? Received funds can be instantly accessed and used with a VISA card for business

A powerful app for business that fits in your pocket

Real-time payments. Sending payment requests. Fast transfers. And many more.

With an elegant design and impressive capabilities, the myPOS mobile app allows you to conduct business anywhere and accept card payments directly, even without a card reader.

Open an account

Order a card reader

Accept payments

Be mobile
Sell more
Grow your business