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Account for business - unlimited possibilities to accept payments

One system to handle in-store and online payments.

myPOS account for your business success

The free e-money account consolidates payments made through all channels - both in a physical store using payment card readers, in an online store, and mobile payments.

All accepted payments are instantly credited to your business account and the funds can be used immediately.

The account is equipped with many business-friendly additional services and reporting and viewing functions that give you a great opportunity to manage your business smartly and economically.

Using the myPOS mobile application, you can access your account at any time of the day (24/7) and monitor your business performance, manage your available POS terminals and cards, and accept payments by sending Payment Requests.

Open your business account and start using the myPOS bank card terminals purchased from us and many other business solutions.

Local and international payments

Use the funds instantly in your account for your business needs. Make SEPA payments in EUR or international payments in other currencies and manage your business finances and pay with suppliers both through the online banking platform and through the mobile application on your phone.

Visa Business card for business

Travel throughout the European Union and associated member countries and accept payments wherever your business needs them

Local and international payments

Your business has moved to online commerce? Enrich your e-commerce platform with convenient payment methods so that your customers can pay you in less than 20 seconds. Receive funds INSTANTLY and send orders safely knowing that the funds are already safely in your account.

Accept payments with the mobile app

Every customer can use the Payment request function in their mobile application. Simply send the Payment request to the customer by SMS message are e-mail. by mail and allow the customer to pay with his payment card simply online, even if he is not around.

NOT for monthly fees

All myPOS services are available without any monthly fees. You only pay small fees when you accept payments from your customers and make money for your business. No binding contract.

Account opening 100 % online

Open an account online from the comfort of your home or office. Submit all relevant documents directly from your mobile app or workplace wherever you are. You can do this anywhere you have internet access.

How to open an account online

Filling out the registration form

Verifying user identity

Relevant company documents are provided

Open a free myPOS business account now

Be mobile
Sell more
Grow your business